The damned things ironiclast

Further background on this quote is provided by Stephen Goranson who writes on the Mark Twain Forum in a post dated 31 July 2002: Twain's Autobiography attribution of a remark about lies and statistics to Disraeli is generally not accepted. Evidence is now available to conclude that the phrase originally appeared in 1895 in an article by Leonard H. Courtney. So Disraeli is not the source, nor any pre-1895 person; merely Courtney. The 1895 article is now available online at: http:///depts/maths/histstat/ Courtney may have read Carlyle on statistics (also quoted at this site); certainly, misuse of statistics was complained about before 1895.

Meet Brian James, guitarist, songwriter and the man who was The Damned for a short while. "We used to do a fair bit of speed," says Brian, "but we used to drink a lot so we needed it to stay awake." He shrugs: "I like playing fast . I like playing loud ."

If you do not have Dimension Door : from the Inferno end (#22) travel north and go right at the split. Drop down and continue east. This will take you back to the portal (#15) next to where you picked up the key. Break this portal to head back to the Eberron side. From here you can travel back to the center and then west towards the Shield chest via the above directions.

The Damned Things IroniclastThe Damned Things IroniclastThe Damned Things IroniclastThe Damned Things Ironiclast

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